May, 2016

Altering Your Circumstances

Untitled-3Having a good group of friends is great because they are usually there if you have something you need to talk about. In my situation, it’s usually girl issues. Many of you who know me know that I am usually thinking about what I should do with the girl that I like. Every time I start liking a girl I will get to a place where there are things I am really deciding what I should do and I talk to my friends about it.

For example, there was a girl I was dating and I didn’t really know exactly what was going on because it felt like she was trying to be in charge and I mean I don’t think that relationships should necessarily have a leader or whatever but she was always just trying to get me to go along with whatever she wanted and I thought on some level that was wrong but I wasn’t entirely sure if I could put it into words. So I was talking to my friends about it and they said that definitely it’s not a good thing and I needed to define what I want in a relationship. It timed perfectly with this self development I was doing and I finally realized that it wasn’t something I needed. So I talked to her but it didn’t really work and then I just decided that I shouldn’t be in that relationship anymore. It was pointed out to me that there are relationship rules for men online, too, that I didn’t know about, and many of those match what I had heard from my friends. So I think that some of the advice out there is really good. But it’s strange because a decent percentage of people out there don’t really understand that you can actually have a choice in your relationship and only date the people that you think are good fits for you. I mean, consider of your friends how man of them are dating people that they don’t really get along with yet they still date them. I can’t figure that out even though I have been in that situation before. Essentially the point I am trying to make with this is that you need to figure out what you want and then put yourself in situations that go along with that. If that means that you should stop dating the person you’re with you may have to consider that. Actually that was my situation, but I realized that the person I was with was not too great for me.

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