flowerSomeone told me my house smells.  Can you believe it?  First of all, my house smells awesome if it smells at all.  I keep everything picked up and everything.  But it made me think, I should probably look into an air purifier.  I know that, in addition to controlling odors they can also help keep dust and other stuff out of the air that you probably don’t want.  I have seen some models that range from little desktop ones to but units that go on your floor.  Something smaller would probably be better for my needs because my place isn’t even that big to begin with but I think that I’m going to see what is available.  I was looking at the Whispure 510 and it seems to be pretty good although I will admit I haven’t done that much searching and I’m going to need to find some more before I  decide what I really want to get.  The other thing is that I do a lot of cooking and some of the food I cook might have a unique odor but I think it smells good.  It’s not like I’m leaving old food out or anything.  But mostly, I just want to have a place that is good when my friends come over.  When someone tells me it isn’t nice then I don’t want to invite people over because I worry that they might not have fun when they come here.  So I’m thinking that I definitely want to look into the whole air purifier thing.

I think that if I can keep some of the dust particles or whatever out of the air in my home that might make it a bit better.  I don’t know if it’s too loud but I think that they probably design air purifiers to be quiet so that they don’t disturb people. I mean you wouldn’t want to have it on when people are over and you’re trying to have a conversation and you can’t even hear people talk or hear each other talk because of the air purifier that is running in the background.  But I need to head over to the store and listen to them and see if they are going to work or if they are too obtrusive or whatever.  Really, though, I think that I should do that before I forget and it becomes another thing that I keep thinking about but don’t get around to it.  So I’m going to do a bunch of research and then go get the one that I like the looks and performance of and give it a go.