bedroom floorSo my friend has this issue where he snores at night.  I know this because I spent the night on his couch and I could hear him snoring in the bedroom.  I was like dude, how do you not wake yourself up?  He said somehow he manages to sleep through it.  He doesn’t believe me that he snores, though, so I told him he needs to record the sounds he makes when he’s in bed.  I think that is a good enough reason to see if there is anything you can do about it.  I am going to send him a link to this website.  I think he should try and see if he can do anything to stop making those growling breathing sounds when he’s asleep.  I also think that if he has more people spend the night they are going to barely get any sleep.  I am going to send him some info about how he can try a few things and see if those help.  Here is a great article from Aaron Creedon that might have something he can use or maybe he’ll just browse a bit bit and see if there is anything he wants to try.  I mean, I don’t really care because I only sleep at his place like after a party if I don’t feel like going home or whatever but I think that he might want to do something.

Speaking of my friend, he said that he’s going to completely change the carpet in his apartment bedroom.  He has wood floors everywhere except in the bedroom, and he said that he wanted to get new carpet.  I don’t know if you can just change the carpet in there but I’m pretty sure he’s going to try.  The carpet he has in there now is pretty soft but I think he wants something that is a bit smaller, or like that doesn’t come up as much.  I don’t really know anything about carpet but I can tell a difference between some kinds.  The other thing my friend was thinking about was getting a new pair of running shoes to wear to the gym.  We go to the gym and he has been complaining that his shoes are kind of falling apart and I’ve been telling him to get new ones for a while and I think he’s finally going to shop for some since I guess his are not doing it anymore.  But really, I like to have my shoes laced all the way up when I’m at the gym and I don’t even think those stay laced anymore.  We go to the gym together which is pretty fantastic.